what makes us unique?

At Ikoland, we believe in providing something for everyone's taste. Our selection is a celebration of tastes, from classic fudgy chocolate brownies that melt in your mouth to delectable salted caramel swirls for the right combination of sweet and salty. Try our Bamboo shoot for a unique brownie experience you've never tried before.

🔸Caramel Brownie

🔸Egg less Brownie

🔸 Wheat Brownie 

🔸Cashew & Almond Brownie

🔸Kitkat Brownie

🔸Chocochip Brownie

🔸Oreo Brownie


♦️Bamboo Shoot Brownie

♦️ Lotus Biscoff Brownie

♦️Signature Chocolate


You may customize your brownies by adding any sort of chocolate or nuts if you purchase more than half a kilogram.


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